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Image by Svitlana

Our Story

Inspired by nature to create beautiful spaces of well-being in your home or anywhere you want to feel relaxed and at peace.

How Our Story Started

MAM Candlelight was born from the love of candlemaking of two artistic and entrepreneurial sisters. 

We love to improve ourselves and make our world a better place.

After receiving the most deliciously scented birthday present, I was inspired to create my own version of candles. I wanted to use scented candles on a regular basis but I needed to change a few things. Because,  even though my candles smelt lovely, whenever it was time to blow them out, I literally felt a knot in my stomach. It started by being uncomfortable but then became a real issue for me.

The smoke was horrible and ruined the experience.


I wanted to do something better, so I did some research and found out

how to make eco-friendly candles that didn't result in polluting my space afterward.


My sister who also had a love for candles decided to join me in making them available to more people around the world who'd want something similar but didn't have time or the inclination to make them themselves. Together we hope to delight your senses and those of your loved ones on a very special day


Love, Maria.

"All Good Things

Start with a "C"


& more CANDLES"


Meet Maria

Meet Athéna

"Creativity is Allowing Yourself to Make Mistakes.

Art is Knowing
Which Ones to Keep"

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